Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Been quiet for a really really long time!

Well, with the lack of traffic to my blog simply discourage me to write another blog. I've been active in blogging last few years but, been in quite a downfall in recent times. Now, you all know that I've been an avid fan of music regardless of genres. Now, I mostly listens to metalcore, deathcore, hardcore and anything that you can prefix with core at the back. ( Laughs ) I've been active with the scene lately where my friends organising events after another, quite a busy year for Sarawak music scene. This year we're receiving guest from most parts of Sarawak and a band from Singapore which, much to my pleasure making friends with. The Caulfield Cult guys surely is friendly. Now, Sarawak I think got more to show to around the world with bands such as Cousin of Death, Search and Destroy, Destruction Zero or Dance On Your Grave to name a few. If anyone is reading this, listen to them! Hey, don't be fooled though this guys aren't signed to major labels doesn't mean their songs sucks, these guys are GOOD! And yes, they do have their own materials which is properly recorded, track by track, metronome shits and stuffs! Here are some of their videos on youtube...

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