Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Been quiet for a really really long time!

Well, with the lack of traffic to my blog simply discourage me to write another blog. I've been active in blogging last few years but, been in quite a downfall in recent times. Now, you all know that I've been an avid fan of music regardless of genres. Now, I mostly listens to metalcore, deathcore, hardcore and anything that you can prefix with core at the back. ( Laughs ) I've been active with the scene lately where my friends organising events after another, quite a busy year for Sarawak music scene. This year we're receiving guest from most parts of Sarawak and a band from Singapore which, much to my pleasure making friends with. The Caulfield Cult guys surely is friendly. Now, Sarawak I think got more to show to around the world with bands such as Cousin of Death, Search and Destroy, Destruction Zero or Dance On Your Grave to name a few. If anyone is reading this, listen to them! Hey, don't be fooled though this guys aren't signed to major labels doesn't mean their songs sucks, these guys are GOOD! And yes, they do have their own materials which is properly recorded, track by track, metronome shits and stuffs! Here are some of their videos on youtube...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Pity For A Coward!

Dry your eyes
Hide your face with your hands
One last breath
Hold it in
Fuck your past
The future
Is in your hand
Just sit back and relax
Put your fucking shades on
Put that gun to your head
You're a fucking disgrace
Can your god save you now? (6x)
You coward (4x)
Drowning yourself
In your tears
No one has
Pity for you
Pity for you (3x)
Seconds from the end
What's it gonna be
Pull the trigger bitch (4x)


So, last week I went to Maybank to bank in some of my hard earned money to my ASB account which can only be only withdraw via account book. A good move for me as, I’m not good with money, I tend to over spent within my own expenses. Now, FYI my beloved Sony Ericsson C903 is long gone because of a faulty RIBBON ( I don’t actually know the real name of this part..people kept on mention RIBBON..hence, the RIBBON ) . But then, my understanding dad gets me the best next thing, a NOKIA 1616. WTF is that, right?’s actually a basic phone which works great for me. Simple, sturdy and most important of all, CHEAP! I actually hesitated of getting this simple phone as, I’ve been using Nokia 5300, Sony Ericsson K810i and the latest, Sony Ericsson C903. Now, the mere sight of watching people using those latest touchscreen, android, QWERTY phone tempt me of getting rid of my Nokia 1616 and buying one of those! Well, nuff said, I don’t the money to buy one and even if I’m buying one, I simply against my own pledge of not buying a new phone until I started working next year. Well, how bad would it be, it’s only 8 months away right? Well, till then I’m sticking to Nokia 1616!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's normal for boys to dream about cars, thinking of getting one but in reality, they can't afford it, thinking of driving it but, no one would let them drive one. The same goes for me, it's been 8 years since I fell in love with Nissan Skyline especially, BCNR33. Yes, the car of my dream! If you ask my girlfriend, she would know everything bout' it that's because I generously spent a lot of time talking bout' the car and she even seems to be infuriated by it! Ha3, I'm sorry babe! Why Skyline? Well, just search for the videos in YOUTUBE and you will understand. The roar of the machine, is something that I simply can't resist! The curve, the looks, the engine and the speed of the machine got it being nicknamed as 'GODZILLA'! Should I explain further? Nah, I don't think I need to. Last week, I stumble upon a website where people put up their car for sale and there it is, a mint BCNR33 for sale for just a mere RM100k! RM100k!!!!!! I'm willing to fork out that sum of money if I'm that rich..Owh, when will I drive one? When will I got the money to buy one? Lord, please hear my prayer and grant me one BCNR33!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm wondering...

when will democracy stands in Malaysia? ( Right now, the idea of democracy in Malaysia is ONE PARTY to rule )

"Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed regularly"

15 Malaysia???

This is the other video that is in the '107Malaysia'....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

When your phone broke, you....

Ok, my phone's broke and need a repair / replacement ASAP! Yesterday, my phone's screen suddenly acting weird and few minutes later, the display totally out! So here today, I'm googling myself a new phone and have been stumbling upon phone of my dream yet again which is, Iphone 4. Why do I like Iphone 4? Maybe because of it's status symbol that shows you've money to waste or you're some stupid loser who's spending beyond your means. I've been reading a few review of the phone and it seems the more I read, the more I'm thinking of not buying it. Well, I'm not going to replace my phone as my SE C903 is been a great phone for me! It's simple, elegant and yes, I love the Sony Cybershot camera look. My phone's ribbon which connect the phone to the screen might have been 'injured', I guess, just new to replace it and thanks GOD, my phone is still under warranty! Well, I thinking of whether should I or should not I change my phone? I've a very long list of wanting and having a phone that doesn't fit the picture, would left me devastated! Futhermore, I've been thinking to myself, it is the time that I should grab a touchscreen phone or at least a QWERTY phone, so that's either going to be a Blackberry or Nokia E-series or HTC or Samsung or Motorola which most of it are damn pricey! I'm not going to get another Sony Ericsson, I'm sorry but, I've been a loyal user for 3 years already. It's time to move on, sadly. By the way yesterday, I've been on a phone-search and E72 is quite appealing to me. So, I'm now waiting for the payday and yes, you can hear from me soon!